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Here at The Lavender Hytta our goal is to spread knowledge so that each and every family can achieve it's maximum wellness one step at a time. Our values at The Lavender Hytta are:
  • to get back to our roots
  • to cook real and healthy meals
  • to embrace the koselig lifestyle
  • to embrace simplicity
  • to explore the wild around us
  • to continually learn and read
  • to use what nature provides
  • to celebrate and recognize the small things in life
  • to spark passion to live a healthy life
  • to serve and support

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5 Tips for Raising Your Kids to Be Friends With One Another

When I was growing up I was an only child which sometimes was lonely. My husband was always really close with his siblings and it was really great! Being best friends with your siblings is the greatest because they will always be there for you and you can see them whenever you want! I think that it ... VIEW POST

Homemade Herbal Cough Lollipops

Winter is in full blast here in Norway and with winter comes colds and coughs. These Homemade Herbal Cough Lollipops are perfect to add to your home medicine cabinet today. Coughing can be horrible for all those it effects and with young children cough drops can be dangers and down right ... VIEW POST

Cranberry Ginger Sour Cocktail

The holidays are always so much fun and I love exploring new recipes around this time of year. Even though the holidays are over I wanted to share this amazing Cranberry Ginger Sour Cocktail. This is the perfect cocktail for the holidays and well lets be honest any time of the year. This ... VIEW POST

January Goals + Exciting January Favorite Finds

January is off to a great start and even though its close to the middle of the month I want to go ahead a discuss my January goals as well as a few of my favorite things I have discovered. Each month I will check in on my goals and also share with you any products that I have fallen in love with. ... VIEW POST

7 Tips on How to Achieve a Koselig Life

In Northern Norway we have a period of time called mørketid (dark time). From mid November until Mid February we are sunless the sky stills gets a little lighter but we don't see the sun. It can be dark and difficult days if you let it. Fortunately for us we have a bit of a saving grace. It's called ... VIEW POST