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Here at The Lavender Hytta our goal is to spread knowledge so that each and every family can achieve it's maximum wellness one step at a time. Our values at The Lavender Hytta are:
  • to get back to our roots
  • to cook real and healthy meals
  • to embrace the koselig lifestyle
  • to embrace simplicity
  • to explore the wild around us
  • to continually learn and read
  • to use what nature provides
  • to celebrate and recognize the small things in life
  • to spark passion to live a healthy life
  • to serve and support

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Amazing Ways to Create Character in your Home

Whether you're moving into a newly built home that's been finished by a builder, or even a previous owner, or purchasing a home that is many years old you may find the need to add character to your home.  Maybe you've been living in your home for some time but it's still for the most part the way it ... VIEW POST

Do your protein bars have as much sugar as a Snickers?

Protein bars can be so convenient and super easy when you need a quick snack or left home with your stomach is rumbling. But make sure you read the label! Some protein bars have 30 grams or more of sugar! That's more sugar than even some candy has...yikes!  Sugar is a toxin. It makes us ... VIEW POST

Apricot Jam

Two summers ago I discovered my love for jam making. Making homemade goodies not just for my little family but for our extended family and our friends is so much fun. Since my first attempt of blueberry jam... I have come along way. I love Apricots and I found an old family recipe for Apricot Jam ... VIEW POST

How to make Green Personal Care Items and Why you Should

Living green is a very conscious decision. My family made the conscious decision for many different reasons however the two main reasons were for the environment and for our health. Yes it does require a bit more work however soon it becomes second nature and it is so worth it. Here are a few things ... VIEW POST