Welcome to The Lavender Hytta! I am so glad you found me and chose to learn more about this blog!

The Lavender Hytta became my brain child late in 2015. I had discovered the joy of oils a little over a year before this and it has taken that long for my love and joy of essential oils to develop into a full-blown passion.

Im sure some of you are wondering why the name The Lavender Hytta… Hytta in Norwegian is a small cabin that most families have either in the mountain or near the lakes or ocean. They use this cabin to get away and reconnect with the world around them. Our family’s Hytta is on the mountain about an hour from where we live. Up at the Hytta there is no running water or electricity just beautiful nature all around us. This is one of the most inspiring places to be as you can truly get away and get back to your roots. Thus when I worked on building the platform for the blog as well as the thought process behind it I did it at our Hytta so The Lavender Hytta was born!

I enjoy and love using essential oils in every part of my day and each day I learn something new. My love of essential oils provoked me to look into our natural forms of health care and so I found Herbalism. I instantly fell in love after trying a few recipes and now I am hooked!

The Lavender Hytta is all about the journey to become much healthier using the forms of nature. I want to inspire you and educate you on this journey about how you can enter into the worlds of both Oils and Herbs.  In addition to utilizing Herbs and Oils in our Daily lives and helping others do the same The Lavender Hytta is about creating a wonderful life so on occasion you might find a Home project, a recipe or a little tidbit about the move to Norway!

I will be sharing information on my favorite essential oils and herbs, how to use them, real food recipes, how to switch out your chemical cleaning cabinet with DIY cleaners that are safe for even the youngest members of the family and also easy DIY recipes for beauty products and more!

I am still learning as this is a never-ending education field and I love it! I encourage you to learn and grow with me!

I hope you will love what you see and become inspired to jump into the world of essential oils and herbs. Feel free to send me a little message even if it’s just to say hi! I love to connect with my readers.

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More about the face behind The Lavender Hytta:

Hi Everyone! I’m Carrie! I’m the face behind The Lavender Hytta!

I currently live in the charming country of Norway, way up North, with my husband(and best friend), our son and our daughter. I was raised in the heart of Mississippi and I was taught to remember who I was. My roots have been planted deep in Southern tradition.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Business with an area in International Business from Murray State University (Go Racers!). In 2009, I graduated with my Master’s in Business Administration. I was born into a family of business savvy people and I have always know that is where I belong. I am currently working virtually with a digital media company based in the United States and here in Norway I guide tourist around when the need arises.
I love to travel and plan our future travels (okay let’s be realistic I just love to plan). Now that we are in Norway I can’t wait for all the adventures we will be experiencing. Continental Europe is just a flight away!
I’m learning how to juggle work, kids and life all in a new country while trying to learn a foreign language. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride but I’m ready for it and loving it.
The Lavender Hytta is our journey to cut out chemicals and pursue a much more natural lifestyle with the use of oils, herbs and more. In Norway this seems to be a much easier path to choose. We spend much more time outdoors, hiking, camping and more.
Just for a quick reference other than me I have changed everyone else’s name for privacy reasons. So here is a quick guide:
  • Mr. Viking- My wonderful husband/best-friend
  • StoreBror- our son. Storebror means the big brother in Norwegian.
  • Lillesøster- Our daughter. Lillesøster means little sister in Norwegian.
In a Nutshell…
In 2002, Mr. Viking and I met…
…fell in love…
In 2006, Mr. Viking popped the question and I said yes!!
On July 18, 2009 we tied the knot!
On August 9, 2011 we welcomed Storebror into our lives!
On March 20, 2014 we welcomed Lillesøster into our lives!
June 8, 2014 I discovered Essential oils!
May 2015 Moved to Norway
November 2015 I realized my love of herbs and essential oils and decided I would like to pursue further education and become a Herbalist.
February 2016 The Lavender Hytta was born!

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