Goals for 2016I’m getting ready for a new year and a new start! Over the past few weeks I have sat down and with Mr. Viking’s help we have made a list of things we want in 2016 as well as discussed and created goals for the new year. I am following the same plan for last year that I used at Making Life An Adventure.

Everything starts by picking the Buzz Word for the year. Last year it was regaining control. Over the past year I have learned and realized that the only person who is in control is God so this Buzzword didn’t really work for us and I believe that is part of the reason we truly didn’t get behind our goals and accomplish them. We needed to pick a word that we were passionate about.

For 2016 our buzzword is FOCUS. For 2016 we will Focus on ourselves, our family, friends, our dreams, our reality, our finances and so much more. Focusing on our dreams and our reality will help us accomplish our goals. Focusing on the details and planning on how we will accomplish our goals will continue to inspire us. We will focus on creating a simplified but enriched life.

Main Goal: To focus on creating a beautiful, fulfilling life by maintaining simplicity and growing as individuals as well as a family.

Family Goal: To have more time as a family. Explore the outdoors more with the kids. Take the kids hiking more. Limit technology

Home Goal: To continue our much simpler life. When we moved from the US to Norway we downsized considerably. Now we are living in  about a 700 square feet with only the basics. As we continue to grow and acquire belongings we must continue to only keep what we love and what inspires us.

Health Goal: For me I want to lose a minimum of 10 lbs during the year. As a family we want to eat healthier, cut out processed food and eat home more often.

Financial Goal: To focus on paying our debt down and starting to build our savings up.

Kids Goal: To continue to teach them that the people around them are much more important than the things around them.

Other goals:

  • To read 80 books
  • Make $1000 in Side Hustle Income
  • To eat at home 6 out of 7 days

Setting achievable goals is incredible important. Setting goals that are measurable are also important. As you can see not all of our goals are easily measurable however they are incredible important to us as parents and to our family.

What are your goals for 2016? How will you achieve the goals? How to do you create your goals?

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