Velkommen to The Lavender Hytta!! I am so excited to get started on this journey to cultivate a nourishing life and I hope you are too!

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A Little About The Lavender Hytta: 

The Lavender Hytta is a place I can share useful information for you to take back your health through the use of natural elements. My goal is to get you started on your educational journey to achieve a natural lifestyle. On occasion I might write on how living in Norway has intensified our goal for simplified living.

I will try to provide you with various resources so that you can continue to learn and increase your knowledge.

The Lavender Hytta is my journey to make our lives much more natural and healthier.

Who is The Lavender Hytta for: 

The Lavender Hytta is primarily for those mothers who want to help their family become healthier and cultivate a nourishing life.

The Lavender Hytta can be used by anyone who are interested in learning more about natural living.

It doesn’t matter if your journey has started or is just starting. The Lavender Hytta will have information for every level. In addition if you have experience your comments could be beneficial to other readers or even me! So please share!

I love to learn about new things so that is the only requirement here at The Lavender Hytta…. That you are willing to educate yourself on something new!

Why I started The Lavender Hytta: 

I started on my journey using a few essential oils here and there and they were working for me and our family. Once I knew they were working for our family I started researching more until I became more comfortable with them. I have slowly expanded my experience with a few oils to using them in every aspect of our lives.

Once I got comfortable with Essential Oils I started dabbling in Herbs. Now I am working on becoming a certified Herbalist!

I love the benefits of essential oils and herbs! I love sharing my passions with others!

Im not a Crunchy mom (no offense if you are), nor am I 100% natural or completely healthy ( I love cake too much)! I am just looking at a way to create a better life for me and my family and slowly and surely I am doing that.

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