Mr. Viking and I decided that we should take the plunge into the essential oil world and joined one the MLM companies selling oils. I purchased some oils around 15 months ago about a month or so before packing everything up to move half way around the world. Once we got here I started to look for essential oils and was having a difficult time finding them. That was when I started looking into this particular company again and was so excited to learn that they operate in Europe. So we discussed our options and decided to join the oil revolution. We couldn’t be happier.

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The whole family loves all of my oils that we have tried thus far. We love incorporating them into our home and our everyday lives. Mr. Viking was somewhat skeptical about all the uses for oils but he is a believer now.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids distilled from plants. In general it is essential oils which gives spices and herbs their specific scent and flavor.((Encyclopedia of Essential Oils)) Essential Oils have been described to the “life blood” of a plant. ((Encyclopedia of Essential Oils)) Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant it was derived from. ((Aroma Web))
Why the oil revolution?
Essential oils while believed by some to be new age are actually thousands of years old and were used in many different civilizations. They were also mentioned numerous times in the Bible. Essential oils are key for aroma therapy and have played an important part of Herbal Medicine. Therapeutic-grade essential oils can be beneficial to your and your family. They are natural and safe and can help your entire body, spirit, and environment.
Why this Specific Company?
I did tons of research for months before we joined the oil revolution. I ordered my first oils nearly a year ago and have continued to do research since. In my opinion this company sets the standard for purity and is famous for their process. Through their process they monitor each and every step from beginning to end. The process ensures you are receiving the highest quality products possible. The process also ensures that this company’s oils are safe and effective. With all the information above plus more I decided on the above mentioned company for our family.

You may be wondering how I use essential oils in our daily lives so here are a few examples. I currently use my oils for:

  • natural all purpose cleaners
  • natural air freshener
  • to make natural remedies to support my body and mind
  • to make amazing bath and beauty products

I will be going more in depth of how I use my oils in another post plus I have some divine DIY bath products that I will be sharing.

I am so happy I found Essential Oils and that it’s changing our lives for the better. The oils are making us feel better both mentally and physically.

I have loved every step of our oily adventure thus far and I can’t to see where it takes us. I am so excited we took the oily plunge!

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