If you use essential oils, you have probably heard the term ‘carrier oil’ being used from time to time. But what are carrier oils and why do they need to be used? This post will give you a list of commonly used carrier oils and explain why it is so important to use carrier oils with your essential oils.

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Commonly Used Carrier Oils:

Fractionated Coconut Oil: This oil comes in liquid form. In this form, the fat molecules have been removed making the oil less greasy and heavy on your skin. It is also not supposed to stain your clothes.

Grapeseed Oil: This oil is very easy to find, you can even pick it up at your local grocery store. Many people enjoy using this oil as it feels very ‘light’ on your skin.

Jojoba Oil:  It is a great natural option for hydrating your skin, hair and nails making this a great carrier oil to have in the house!

Sweet Almond Oil:This is another great option for a carrier oil. There is some research to suggest that if you have a nut allergy, you MAY have a reaction to this oil. If you have/think you have a nut allergy, stay on the safe side and use another carrier oil.

Olive Oil:This isn’t the best option as the smell is quite strong.  It can also be very oily/greasy when applied to your skin. However, if you don’t have anything else in the house, this will definitely do the trick!

Why Use a Carrier Oil?

Applying Essential Oils to Large Areas of Skin

There are a few reasons you want to do this first, less is more when it comes to essential oils, you still only need a few drops even when applying to a larger area of skin. Adding a carrier oil to your essential oil will help you to be able to easily spread the oils over a larger area. Secondly, since essential oil molecules are so small, a carrier oil will help to weigh the essential oil down. This will help the essential oil to stay on your skin for easy absorption.

Skin Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin use a carrier oil to reduce the likelihood that the essential oil will irritate your skin.

Using Carrier Oils for Safety Purposes

Essential Oils and Children

When using essential oils on children, they should always be diluted. If you are unsure about using essential oils on your child, please consult your physician. The general rule of thumb is to use 1 TBSP of carrier oil for every one drop of essential oil for infants. With toddlers and children under 5, it is recommended that you dilute one drop of essential oil with 1 TSP of carrier oil. Diluting oils for every use can be challenging and time consuming! Tip: Use empty essential oil bottles or roller bottles to pre-dilute essential oils such as lavender which you may use frequently with your little one.

Diluting ‘Hot’ Essential Oils

Some essential oils are known as hot or warm oils and they should always be diluted. If these oils are not diluted they may create a burn or irritation on your skin. Common ‘hot’ oils are: oregano, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and thyme. Before using an essential oil for the first time, do your research to ensure that it is not a hot oil. When in doubt, use a carrier oil!

What has been your experience with using carrier oils? Which carrier oil do you prefer to use most often?

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