There are so many reasons you should be using natural cleaners. They are just what you need to jump-start your eco-friendly lifestyle. Of course going green means something different for many people. The following reasons though will appeal to anyone on the green spectrum. Protecting your children from harmful chemicals to saving tons of money every year the benefits of using natural cleaners is clear. Natural Cleaners| Healthy Living| Natural Living| Better Health| Cut Chemicals

Natural products make sure that your family isn’t being exposed to harmful chemicals. Natural cleaners typically include a mixture of things like water, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils. Occasionally some will also include a basic castile soap. While these are chemicals of sorts, they are not known to cause harm to your body or to the environment. Making your own products at home can give you just as much cleaning power without exposing your family to a range of chemicals. Bleach, ammonia and other commonly found items in cleansing agents can not just hurt, but kill in even small quantities. Using natural cleaning products is far safer for everyone.

Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Cleaners

Less product waste in our environment. Making homemade natural cleaning products will keep you using the same spray bottles, containers and even cloth wipes month after month. Instead of throwing away empty bottles each month, you can simply refill.  If you are going through only 1 bottle of all-purpose cleaner each month, you are throwing away 12 bottles per year. Over an average 50 year span you have thrown away 600 plastic bottles. Since not all plastic is recyclable, you can easily count that about 50% or 300 of those will end up in the landfill instead of being recycled.

Fewer issues with allergies and reactions to cleaning supplies. Allergic reactions to chemicals found in everything from deodorants to bleach is a common issue for many. By using all natural cleaning products, you won’t be guessing about the hidden chemicals. You’ll know exactly what is in the products you are using to clean with.

Much less expensive when made by you than purchasing traditional cleaners. Homemade cleaning agents are less expensive than constantly buying in store. Not only are you saving yourself from chemicals and the environment from toxic waste you are saving money. From laundry detergent to a simple all-purpose cleaner you can make natural cleaning agents for a fraction of the cost.

Helps build your immune system. We are so used to using antibacterial agents everywhere, that we don’t realize how often we kill the good things. We are still sanitizing when using natural cleaners but are not killing the good things in the process. This will in turn help build your immune system

Final Thoughts

These reasons and more should help you to decide to use natural cleaning products. You will be able to focus on keeping your home clean and healthy while not breaking the bank or taking risks about the environment or your own health.

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