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Getting a great nights sleep without the use of chemicals or drugs is possible. Here are a few ideas to how to get a great nights sleep naturally.

Herbs for Sleep

Lavender – Lavender has wonderful soothing qualities. Buy it in the natural oil form and use a few drops in a warm bath.  This will help your body relax. You can also drop a few drops of lavender onto your pillow to help you fall asleep. Hop over here to get this wonderful sleep spray recipe that I use or create a satchel of lavender. All you need is Lavender Flowers and Cotton Muslin Bags.

Chamomile This is another wonderful tool to help you fall asleep. A warm chamomile tea (after a lavender bath will help soothe the senses and relax you to sleep.


More Tips to a Great Nights Sleep

A stomach that’s either too full or too empty can disturb your sleep. Try to time mealtime and bedtime to avoid these extremes, and limit foods that can be upsetting, such as spicy ones.

Exercise, especially a cardiovascular workout, is definitely an aid to deep sleep – but if done too close to bedtime it can keep you awake instead.

Comfortable night clothes – non-restrictive and made of natural fibers – are very important. Of course, sleeping in the nude is also an option.

Try to eliminate disturbing noises, or else use earplugs. Programmed sounds like white noise or ocean surf can be helpful to induce sleep.

Substances to be avoided are caffeine or any other stimulant taken close to bedtime.

Limit liquids consumed just before bedtime in order to keep from having to wake up to use the bathroom.

Plan your bedtime hour in advance and stick to your schedule to allow time for enough rest.

Both your bed and your bedding should be comfortable, with natural fibers like cotton preferred for the latter.

As much as possible, control the room temperature where you sleep to ensure better rest.

Avoid the temptation to nap too close to bedtime, as it will likely make you sleep poorly.

If there are pets around that may disturb your slumber, a closed door or other solution may be necessary.

Pillows with the right density for your sleep style are a must. Some people find a body pillow very helpful too.

Aromatherapy can be a very relaxing part of the ambiance for sleeping, using fragrances such as lavender, sage and chamomile.

For daytime sleepers or those sensitive to light, heavy curtains or shades may be helpful.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? How many hours of sleep do you usually get?

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