Blogging | Blog | Starting a Blog | Just a Girl and Her Blog | Abby LawsonI fell in love with blogging years ago over at Making Life An Adventure it was a place I could express my feelings, my thoughts, and share my love of family, traveling and life in general. Since I’ve started this blog Making Life An Adventure has suffered. However, blogging can be overwhelming and it can easily become discouraging. So when my friend Abby wrote an e-book, Building a Framework: Everything I learned My First Year of Blogging I just had to have it. Now over a year later she is relaunching her e-book with an updated title Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook. 

Abby breaks down pretty much every aspect of blogging for you. Each chapter is broken down into specific topics. There are 35 chapters and some of these chapters are broken down into several sections. Some of my favorite sections are 10 Essential Pieces to Include in your blog, What is “good” content?, On Photography, and Blogging for your readers. When I started The Lavender Hytta I went back through a reread Abby’s book. I worked through the extra printables she gives. Then I really thought about what I wanted from this blog. It honestly made me think a little more and plan more when it came to The Lavender Hytta.

I ended up reading Abby’s eBook in one sitting all 200 pages. Even though I’ve been blogging for a while there were still many things I have learned all thanks to Abby. Building a Framework isn’t just for the beginning blogger it’s for every blogger.

With the updated Ebook Abby is now offering 3 different packages! Of course I have Package #3 and just let me tell you it is worth every penny! All the incredible videos and the bonus printables are worth it!

Package #1- The Starter Package 

The Starter package is the basic package and is also the lowest priced package at $25. This package includes the Newly updated eBook, Blog binder printables, and a step by step course outline! It also includes lifetime eBook updates!

Package #2- The Advanced Package

The Advanced package is the second level package. It is priced at $50. This package includes the updated eBook, Blog Binder printables, course outline, Access to the Building Framework Facebook group, 20 Step by Step Tutorials, and of course Lifetime eBook updates!

Package #3-The Master Package

Package #3 is known as The Master Package and it is priced at $75. In addition to the contents of the first two packages you will also get 18 Video Interviews with expert bloggers, audio files of the interviews, and of course Lifetime eBook updates.

The reason I reread Abby’s book was because I wanted to improve my blogging skills! If you are new and just getting started blogging or just need inspiration to continue blogging then head on over to Just a Girl and Her Blog and pick up your own copy! You won’t regret it! 

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a little compensation. 

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