Getting you, your kids and your spouse out the door each workday morning is probably a struggle. I know it was for me! After a few years of dealing with searching for my keys, making sure the kids had their belongings and everyone was fed a nutritious breakfast I knew something had to change.  It made me exhausted before I even got to work. I decided to implement some stress reduction techniques that changed the way we “do” mornings. I wrote down the biggest problem issues and came up with ideas to make those activities go more smoothly. I know they will work for you too.

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My Favorite Stress Reduction Techniques for Mornings
  • I learned this trick from Steve Jobs, so you know it’s smart! Go through your closet and/or purchase clothes you can mix and match to make various outfits that go together. Jobs always wore black pants and a white button-down shirt—each exactly the same. You don’t have to go that far. Purchase clothes in solid, basic colors and then group them together in your closet to make it easy to pick out. Do that for each member of the family.
  • After folding the laundry, pick out (from the piles and hanging clothes) the outfits for the next work week. Buy a cheap over-the-door hook for each member of the family and hang each outfit up. You can drape underwear and socks on top of the outfit so that no one is trying to find those items in the morning. Tell your kids (and spouse) that they can choose whichever outfit they want from the group each day, but that they need to choose from those items. Let you kids (and spouse) pick out their outfits Sunday evening so that they will be content with the choices.
  • Batch cook for the week on the weekends so that you never forget to get the meat out of the freezer again. For example, get out enough ground beef for several meals and make up meatloaf, taco meat and sloppy joe meat all at one time. Do the same with chicken or pork. Use the crockpot more by cutting everything up that will be needed for the recipe and put it all in a big storage bag. Then, in the morning, dump everything in the crockpot and turn it on. Presto! This stress reduction technique makes both mornings and evenings easier!
Other Ideas for Saving Time in the Mornings
  • Pack lunches ahead by making an assembly line with each family member putting together one item. One does sandwiches (add condiments on the morning the lunch will be eaten so the bread doesn’t get soggy). One makes up yogurt and fruit parfaits, and so on. You can group each lunch together in bags in the fridge so that in the morning, you can pull one out each and stock up lunch boxes fast.
  • The night before, have children put homework, books and school supplies they will need in their backpacks. Have a specific place for each child’s backpack, shoes, etc. Require them to have them in those assigned places before heading to bed. You do the same with your keys, work you bring home, items you want to take to work the next day, etc. Grouping everything together that you each will need the next day the night before will ensure you don’t forget anything or have to search for that illusive all-important piece of paper before rushing out the door in the morning.

What are your favorite stress reduction techniques for the a.m.? Please share in the comments!

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