Repelling mosquitos and preventing bites is now more important than ever. With the Zika virus being found in many parts of the country, you need to do what it takes to protect yourself and your family. Whether that means wearing a bracelet to repel mosquitos or checking areas around your home where you can prevent mosquito bites naturally.Repel Mosquitos | Natural | DIY | Mosquitos | Natural Living

Wear a Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

You can find mosquito repellent bracelets in almost any store that has an outdoor section. The key is to buy bracelets that are all natural and don’t contain DEET. These bracelets are very inexpensive and work for up to 240 hours. Best of all, they’re waterproof and are made with essential oils. The bracelets can be worn by children 3 years of age or older.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to repel mosquitoes naturally. One method you can use is to create a bug spray that is made of 30 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops geranium oil, 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin, and water mixed in a 3 ounce spray bottle. You want to fill the bottle with water after adding the first three ingredients, but leave enough room to shake the mixture. This needs to be applied every hour and isn’t waterproof.

Light Citronella Candles or Citronella Incense Sticks

Be sure to load your outdoor area with citronella candles or these great citronella incense sticks. The key is to make sure you purchase candles that are high-quality and not loaded down with other chemicals. You can also make your own. Mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella, but it’s a very pleasing smell for humans. You can also buy torch oil that has citronella.

Wear Pants and Long-Sleeved Shirts

If you’re going to be outdoors at night for long periods of time, protect yourself by wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts. You also want to do this when hiking, no matter what time of day it is, especially if the area has creeks or standing water.

Address Areas Around the Home Where Water Pools

Last, but not least, to help keep your home mosquito-free, you need to address any areas where water pools. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you have a pool, make sure you cover it when not in use. You also want to address birdbaths, clogged gutters, water features, and anywhere else you have standing water.

Final Thoughts about How To Repel Mosquitos

You don’t have to reach for a harsh pesticide or spray your body down with chemicals. There are natural ways to repel mosquito. A couple more ideas include taking garlic supplements and reducing the time you spend outdoors during peak mosquito hours. It’s really that simple.

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