Chances are you’ve heard a lot about essential oils, especially if you’ve been looking for natural remedies. Why are they so popular? Why should you be using essential oils? Whether it’s the safety of these oils or their many uses, there are several reasons why you should use them. So why essential oils?

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First things first. If you purchase organic oils that are 100% pure, you’re going to be using a safe product. Many of these oils are not only safe enough to use topically, but are also safe enough to be ingested. A great example is peppermint oil, which is often used as a digestive aid.


When you purchase good quality oils, you only have to use a little bit. This means that essential oils are very inexpensive to use. While a bottle may seem more expensive than purchasing a medication, you’ll get a lot more use out of the bottle of oil. Most uses only require a couple drops per recipe. This means that you’ll get dozens of uses out of a small bottle.

Replaces Chemicals

Essential oils can also replace a number of chemicals throughout your home. Whether it’s an air freshener or ant repellent, you can use these oils to safely take care of things around your home. Essential oils can even be used topically in place of dangerous flea and tick medications on your pets.

Many Uses

There are so many uses for these oils. Whether you use tea tree oil in a foot bath to kill fungus or use lavender oil in a diffuser to help you relax, you’ll be amazed at home many uses there are for the different kinds of oils.

Easy to Use

Last, but not least, essential oils are easy to use. Whether you mix them with water to make an air freshener or rub them directly on your skin, you’ll love their ease of use. There are literally thousands of recipes online for using essential oils in a variety of different ways.

Final Thoughts on Why Essential Oils

If you want to reduce the chemicals and medications in your home, essential oils may be the answer. Not only do they have many uses, but they’re inexpensive and easy to use. If you haven’t tried using these oils in your home, it’s time you tired. Whether you mix lavender oil with water to spray on your bed to help you sleep or you add peppermint oil to your tea to sooth an upset stomach, you’ll love using essential oils.

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