I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to spruce up my home! So when I talked with Lauren from DIY for DAYS about guest posting a yummy recipe I had to ask if she would share one of her fabulous DIYs with us! One of the best things about this project is how natural this Hand Stamped Fabric looks finished! Make sure you head over to DIY for Days and check it out!
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(Written by: Lauren Densley from DIY FOR DAYS.)
I created this DIY a little while back and have enjoyed it so much, that I want to now hand-stamp everything!  I originally did made this because our couch pillows were in much need of a face lift.  As in, they were originally a bright green… They have been quite the eye sore for some time.  Thanks to this fun craft, I was able to create a new look for our living room for a fraction of the cost!  This versatile DIY can be used to help with any project; from home decor to casual wear.
Stamp Pic 2Materials Needed:

~ A nice big potato

~ A small paring knife

~ Black and Gold acrylic paint/paintbrush

~ Big piece of cream colored linen

1: Cut the Potato

Stamp Pic 3
So this is where your individual creativity comes in.  Cut your potato in half, and cut out a feather design, (or really what ever design you want).  It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you can tell from mine 🙂 I tried to use a sharpie to trace a little outline… which didn’t really work… haha but gave me something to go off of.  Use your small knife to carve out your design. (Don’t worry if you mess up… it’s just a potato… and you’ve got another half if you need a back up) 🙂

2: Get Stampin’

Stamp Pic 4

Make sure your fabric is on some newspaper or something so the paint doesn’t bleed onto your table.  So in a little bowl, add a little water to your paint, mix it up, and brush some on your stamp.

Stamp Pic 5

I like the faded look, so you don’t have to press down too hard.  And go ahead and do a few stamps before you reapply your paint.

Stamp Pic 6

I spaced mine out kinda evenly, but not perfect.  I also left some blank spaces so I could go back and add some gold stamps of the feather.

Stamp Pic 7

And here is the finished product! Make sure to let it dry completely before making anything out of it.

Stamp Pic 8

I decided to make some super cute pillows with mine! Check the DIY No-Zipper Pillow Case!

Stamp Pic 9

About Lauren and DIY FOR DAYS Designer of this Hand Stamped Fabric:
Lauren Glasses Circle
Lauren Densley is the creator of DIY FOR DAYS, a haven for all things DIY, Motherhood, and lovely.  Her husband is her biggest supporter, and her 18 month old daughter is her biggest inspiration.  The love and passion for creativity runs deep in her bones, and has been her biggest drive through life.  She recently completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with a Minor in Marriage and Family Studies.  Get connected with all of her DIY adventures through FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMTWITTER, and PINTEREST.

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