In Norway the Environment is incredibly important especially to the Norwegian people. No matter the weather Norwegians can be found outside. Remember “there is no bad weather only bad clothing.”Environmental Week | Environment | Norway | Nature |

Norway is absolutely stunning with it’s majestic mountains, refreshing lakes, and magnificent glaciers. 70% of the country is made up of these mountains, lakes, and glaciers. Norway, as well as the other Scandinavian countries, are leading the globe for environmental issues and more. For example, The King of Norway recently has committed the country to Zero Deforestation. You can read more about the commitment from The Independent.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with anything. Well this week in Mr. Viking’s home town it’s Miljøuka which translates into Environmental Week. While Norwegians focus on the Environment all the time Miljøuka is really special. Here it also starts the main hiking season.

There are 10 “mountain” tops that people from all over come to hike. Some of these ’10 tops’ are fairly easy to hike while others are much more difficult. The 10 tops are Hjemmeluft, Komsa, Lille Raipas, Utsiktspunkt Skoddavarre, Bjørkelltind, Dønnavarrie i Kviby, Borras Vestre, Losvarkillen, Ulvehenget i Rafsbotn, and Halide. During Miljøuka the goal is to hike 3 of the easier tops. Once you complete these 2 tops you get a free t-shirt. Also after the season everyone who hiked any of the tops gets entered into a contest for raffle prizes. The more times to you sign the guest book the more entries you get.

Let’s Explore the Environment

I think this is a great tradition. It gets people out and about and participating in something that is not only good for their bodies bu their minds as well.

Since moving to Norway I have really fallen in love with hiking and backpacking so I’m really excited for this challenge but my goal is to do more than just the 3 tops for Miljøuka. My goal is to hike all 10 tops before winter comes again.

The 10 tops have incredible views and I’m excited to be able to see them all. Don’t worry I plan to share the incredible views with you as well. Check back often to see how the hikes are going.

So what do you think about this tradition of hiking and having Miljøuka? 

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