Monday was a beautiful day but a little chilly. Mr. Viking had the day off and storebror and lillesøster didn’t have school so we decided to go for a hike.

Hiking to Lille Raipas

This week is Miljøuka so we are trying to hike 3 of the “mountain” tops: Lille Raipas, Komsa, and Hjemmeluft, by the end of the week. For more on Miljøuka check out my post Environment Week. 

Even though we had both kiddos we decided to hike the longest of the 3, Lille Raipas.

Lille Raipas is listed as a UNESCO Wrold Heritage List. The top is one of the 4 points in Norway along the Struve Meridian Line. Once you get to the top there is a bronze plaque commemorating the site. In the mid 1800s this area was mined for copper until it was moved later on.

Lille Raipas is about a 2 km (roughly 1.2 miles) hike to the top and takes roughly about an hour (longer if you have two kids in tow).


The trail is pretty easy to follow as it is well marked. From the start you will go through wonderful green forests and hillsides.


It doesn’t rain a whole lot here in Norway, well not up here anyway, but it does stay rather wet so to help combat going through really muddy patches the city lays down these wooden planks for us to walk along. Of course the kids have fun balancing on them so it also makes a fun game for them.


After walking a while you will see a stunning lake and waterfall.


Right past the lake and marshes are a few secluded cabins. To learn more about Norwegian cabins check out my post on Simple Living at the Hytta.

lilleraipas-7 lilleraipas-9

Getting close to the top you will come across a rocky area. These are the leftovers from the old copper mine. Part of it is fenced off so that no one falls into the old mining shafts.


Once past the copper mine area there are beautiful green fields full of cloudberries blooms. Later on this summer these little flowers will turn into juicy berries that will be picked and made into jam or syrup.


Finally the stunning views start showing and they are gorgeous.

lilleraipas-29 lilleraipas-42 lilleraipas-51

At the tip top there is a post with a guest book. To the side of this is a rock stack and the meridian marker.

lilleraipas-46lilleraipas-45 lilleraipas-47

Once we got to the top we sat down to rest and have a snack while taking in the surrounding views.

lilleraipas-55 lilleraipas-59
lilleraipas-64 lilleraipas-69 Storebror did a fabulous job hiking and Lillesøster walked some but Mr. Viking and I swapped carrying Lillsøster in the ergo.

Overall the hike was fabulous and we enjoyed doing it as a family. I can’t wait to do the other 9 tops!

What do you think about the views? Would you enjoy hiking up to the top?

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