These days, with most of our food supply being sprayed with pesticides and/or genetically modified, growing our own food has never been more important. Maybe you don’t have the space in your yard to grow large amounts of produce, but everyone has room for a few pots of dirt in which to grow organic herbs. And you don’t need to have a green thumb, either. Herbs are easy to grow indoors, and nothing could be fresher than clipping your own herbs to add to a recipe. So, which herbs are the best to grow at home? Check out these green goodies!

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Basil is, by far, one of the most fragrant herbs in existence. A basil plant in your house will scent the air with an uplifting aroma and give you a sense of well-being and contentment. Basil pairs beautifully with mozzarella, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar, as well as with sweet ingredients like grilled peaches. Chiffonade basil for a beautiful presentation.


Often used in Italian cooking, oregano also had medicinal qualities. Many swear by oregano oil to ward off illness at its first sign. Of course, oregano tastes amazing in tomato sauce, but also consider using it freshly cut into salads, or as a surprise seasoning in chili. This versatile herb lends itself to experimentation, so have fun with it.


Dill, along with garlic and other seasonings, is often used in making pickles, but it’s also great on fish, in potato salad, and paired with cucumbers. This herb smells wonderful, grows quickly, and can be used in so many ways.


Cilantro often stars in Mexican dishes. Its leaves are also ornamental, and when planted in a beautiful container, it makes a stunning addition to your home’s décor. Cilantro requires good lighting, so keep it on your kitchen windowsill, or in another brightly lit area of your home.


Parsley used to be nothing but a sad garnish on the side of your plate, but it’s actually a very nutritious and delicious herb. Chew on some parsley to freshen your breath, or add it to recipes that feature seafood, pasta, or in savory pies. It’s also an attractive plant which makes it ideal to grow indoors.

Final Thoughts on Herbs to Grow at Home

Fresh herbs are nutritious, smell wonderful, and are aesthetically pleasing as house plants. Not only will you save money growing herbs at home, but you’ll also improve your home’s environment and décor. Give it a try! Seeds are inexpensive, and if the plant happens to die, you can simply plant more seeds and try again. I love getting seeds from Jersey Plants Direct. Just be sure you purchase organic soil to plant them in.

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