Are you someone that has a little one who is a picky eater? It can be very difficult having to feed a picky eater. There are only so many options that they will eat and of course you would love if your kids would choose nutritious items that will make them grow up healthy! Sometimes if you let them get too set in their ways and picky, there is no going back! Thankfully I don’t have to worry about our two little ones. They eat everything including things that aren’t so good for them. Oh well! The reason I don’t have to worry is from the very beginning we implemented the following tips. The number one thing is to start working with them now! I’ve come up with a few tips to help you raise a non picky eater. If they already are, these tips will help to open up their mind to eating other healthier options!Non Picky Eater | Parenting | Tips | Kids | Real Food
5 Tips for Raising a Non Picky Eater
1. Stop Giving Options: Instead of giving them the choice to eat whatever they would like, simply prepare them a meal and give them no other option but that to eat! They may be a bit stubborn and resist but I promise if they really are hungry…they’ll eat it! So instead of getting them chicken strips and French fries at the restaurant when you go out, get them some chicken strips and vegetables!
2. Serve as a Food Role Model: If your little ones are hearing you say “eat your vegetables!” but you’re over there eating French fries, they are going to be so much more resistant to eating those healthy options! Eat the healthy options along with them and they will definitely join in! Overall, this really is the better option for both of you in the long run!
3. Introduce New Foods Often: A great way for your little ones to be more susceptible to new foods is if you introduce them often! Let them try a wide variety of foods throughout the week during meals and they will be more likely to find various foods that they like! There are so many vegetables out there, venture out to some that you may not even be familiar with and serve them with dinner, maybe you both will find some that you really enjoy!
Final Tips To Raise a Non Picky Eater
4. Sneak in Healthy Foods: If you have a really stubborn child and they will absolutely, positively not eat ANY vegetables…try sneaking them into some of their favorite foods! My father used to always make us macaroni and cheese when we were little but in order to get some vegetables in there, he would mix peas into the macaroni! We got some vegetables into our system and us kids didn’t get bothered with the veggies at all!
5. Make Food Fun: A great way to get kids to indulge in healthy options is to make it a fun experience! You can have the kiddos help make the vegetables, they will definitely have fun helping out and they will want to eat the food that they just helped to make! Another way to make foods fun is to get some cookie cutters and cut the vegetables into fun shapes! They will definitely be loving their veggies then!
Now you have my top tips how to help teach your child to be non-picky eater. What do you think?
Do you have a child who is a picky eater? What do you do with them? How do you help them to have a more nutritious meal?

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