Benefits of Sitting Down as a Family at the Dinner Table
It seems these days that families don’t sit down and eat together, years ago it was not a question of whether or not you would be eating at the dining room table with your family, it was just a known thing. This is a bit sad to be honest because it shows that families are just not as close as they used to be. There are actually a lot of benefits for not only the family as a whole but also for family members as individuals from eating at the dinner table. I mean honestly it’s just easier to pick something up on the way home and eat in fron t of the TV! Today I am going to be sharing with you some great benefits that come from eating together as well as why I think it is important to eat together!
-Communication: Communication is huge within a family. It is important to talk to one another regularly and to be aware of what is going on within eachother’s lives. Sitting down at the dinner table is the perfect opportunity to sit down and have these discussions. You can ask each other how their day went and talk about any events that may have happened throughout the day. Simply talking to one another helps to build up your relationships together and also helps to build up your children’s vocabulary because they are being more vocal with all of you.
-Teaching Manners: Many many children these days do not know their proper table manners. Sitting down as a family and you as parents setting an example, will in turn teach your children the proper table manners that they should have and essentially teaches them to be a proper, well rounded human being.
-Nutrition: Nearly any time you compare a homemade meal to one that you will pick up at a fast food restaurants your homemade meal will be a healthier, more nutritious option. Nutrition is so important for your children! If you simply raise them on cheeseburgers and pizza, they are at risk for many health risks as they grow older into teens and adults. So just take the time to make a bit of a healthier meal at home and save your children from any possible health issues.
-Learn Gratitude: A lot of children have no idea just how good they have it. They should realize that getting to spend time with their family and enjoy a home cooked meal is really a privilege! Sitting down and enjoying the company of your family will definitely help to teach your children to be thankful and teach the meaning of being grateful for the good things that they have in their lives.
-Better Food Makes for Better Grades: It is no secret that nutritious food is obviously healthy for you. It is not only good for your body but also for your brain as well and your children’s brains especially! I promise you that if you feed your children nutritious foods and keep them healthy, you will find that they are more attentive and perform better in school.
As you can see there are a lot of benefits that come from sitting down and eating as a family. You will have a more enjoyable home life and better relationship with your family, I promise! If you find that your family does not eat together very often, try to do that more often…even if it is just once a week!

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