Hike to Komsa

It’s been awhile since I discuss Environment Week (Miljøuka) here in Norway. If you read that post you will remember our goal was to hike 3 tops by the end of that week. Those 3 tops were Lille Raipas, Komsa and Hjemmeluft. We managed to do all 3 in the allotted time by doing two in one day. All 4 of us got our shirts this year! Woohoo! To read more about our hike to Lille Raipas check out the post here.

Komsa is one of the most popular hikes in our town. Matter of fact, Storebror’s barnehagen class would often hike up there once a week. At the starting point of the trail there is an information board.

Some of the trail is marked but Storebror likes to scale the rocks so that path is unmarked. However you can easily see where you are going as there is a tower and house at the top.

It is a steady climb to the top but it is fairly easy to walk. Overall it take sabot 45 minutes to an hour depends your pace and it is just shy of a mile (1.5km).

Once you get to the top there are stunning views of the city as well as the ocean.

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If the weather is nice we like to relax at the top and enjoy a small picnic before heading down again.

I love this part of living in Norway. The quality time we spend together. The beautiful nature that surrounds us.

8 more tops to go!

What do you think about the views? Would you enjoy hiking to the top?

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