We completed the Miljøuka Challenge of hiking to Lille Raipas, Hjemmeluft and Komsa. However I really want to complete all 10 tops by the cut off date in October. So even though Miljøuka is over we have continued to Hike.

Skoddavarre was the first hike we went on as a family of 5 ( 4 humans and one 4 legged friend). It is around 1.3 miles (2 km) to the top. I honestly don’t remember how long it took us to get to the top.

It was fairly wet and muddy when we hiked up but it wasn’t horrible. Mr. Viking carried Lillesøstre this time while I was in charge of Odin.

Odin is our newest addition. We picked him up in the beginning of July. He is a mix of Siberian husky and Alaskan husky. He is around 5 months old.

As this was his first hike we took it a little slow but he did great!

On the path up to the top we stopped to check on the blueberries but they weren’t quite ready yet.

Once we got to the top we rested for a bit and had a snack but then the wind picked up and it got chilly so we headed back down.

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Once again we had a great family hike. I love how as a family we enjoy nature and each other without technology interfering.

6 more to go!

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