Habits of Healthy Kids

When it comes to raising healthy kids it’s about more than just physical health. Mental and emotional health are also an important things to consider. The good news is that there are simple habits your kids can have that will make them healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Eating at the Dinner Table

There was a time when it was simply unheard of for a family not to eat at the dinner table. Unfortunately, our lives have changed drastically. Many families now eat in front of the TV or eat at different times of the day. However, kids that eat together with their families around the dinner table are healthier both emotionally and physically. These kids usually eat healthier meals and they engage in conversations with their parents. As teenagers, kids who grew up this way are also less likely to get in trouble. Kids that eat with their families are also better students.

Learning to Cook

Kids that have a hand in preparing meals are more likely to eat the food put in front of them. This is because the child takes pride in the meals they helped prepare. Children also learn to try new things. If you aren’t cooking together as a family, now’s the time to start.

Playing Sports

Sports are not only wonderful for keeping your children active, but they build confidence. Enrolling your kids in little league sports or community teams can be a great way to ensure your kids are better mentally prepared for their teenager years.

Packing a Lunch

School lunches are loaded with fat and calories. Create a lunch packing station that allows your kids to put together their own healthy lunches. Give them healthy options, such as fruit, vegetables, string cheese, milk, ham and cheese for sandwiches, etc.


Children that read as a pastime are more intelligent, have better success in school, are more imaginative and creative, and are well-rounded. Get your kids in the habit of reading early in the life. Remember, it’s not just about physical health, it’s about mental health as well.

There are some really great habits that your kids can pick up so that they are healthier physically, mentally, and even emotionally. If your want your kids to grown into healthy adults, help get them started with these great habits. It might be making time to have dinner as a family or taking them to the library for great books. Either way, there are healthy habits every child should start.

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