You may not want to think about it, but a large number of the beauty products on the market are really bad for you. Whether it’s the foundations that can cause your pores to become clogged resulting in breakouts or hair dye that damages your hair, you need to rethink your use of these products. It also goes much deeper than changes in your appearance. Some makeup products contain ingredients that can actually be toxic. If you want to keep up your beauty regime, but want to be healthier, you can switch to natural alternatives.

How to Switch from Conventional Beauty Products to Natural Alternatives

Read the Labels on Your Current Products

First things first. Not all beauty products are bad. Some in your collection may already be natural, safe to use products. Read the labels. The website Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a wonderful article called Chemicals of Concern that gives you a complete list of the ingredients you should watch out for in everything from fragrances to shampoos. Some of the ingredients include coal tar, formaldehyde, sulfates, and talc. Check the entire list on the website.

Looks for Companies That Sell Products with Safe Ingredients

You want to seek out companies that sell beauty products made with safe ingredients. These products are often much more expensive, but the cost is well worth it. You can rest assured that the products you’re applying to your skin and hair are made with safe ingredients. Always read the label and make sure the company is using safe ingredients. If your local stores don’t carry these products, go online and shop with specialty companies.

Start Making Your Own

There are so many beauty products you can make at home. These products use ingredients you probably already have on hand. In other words, they are much, much cheaper than what you’ll buy in the store. For example, you can make a skin exfoliant using sugar, lemon zest, and essential oils. Some things only require one ingredient. For example, you can use cocoa butter as a lip balm or for dry skin. You don’t need all the fancy products you’ve been buying. You’d be amazed at how many wonderful ways you can use essential oils to create beauty products.

Final Thoughts on Conventional Beauty Products

It’s scary to hear but some beauty products contain ingredients that can be dangerous. Some are even known to be carcinogenic. If you want to protect yourself, shop with companies that sell 100% all-natural products made with ingredients you can trust. Better yet, make your own beauty products at home using stuff from your pantry along with pure essential oils.

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