Your skin is the largest organ in your body and did you know that most of any beauty products added to your skin penetrates into your skins various layers? Did you know that some of those chemicals make it all the way to your blood stream? How scary is that?

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While not everything you put on your skin will make it all of the way to your blood stream some of your products will. Not to mention when you are using the products you are inhaling them as well. What about if you have young kids who touch you then put their hands in their mouth? Or if you have that baby who used to be like a little fish and would suck on your face when they got the chance.

When I had my son was when I realized how harmful certain products could be. I had never thought about it before. It just never made a difference, not to me at least. Then I found the website Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and they have a wonderful article called Chemicals of Concern that gives you a complete list of the ingredients you should watch out for in everything from fragrances to shampoos. Some of the ingredients include coal tar, formaldehyde, sulfates, and talc. After discovering this website was when my research really started. It is a great resource! With my new knowledge in hand and two kids in tow I am much more careful about the products I put into my body and onto my body!

There are so many beauty products you can make at home. These products use ingredients you probably already have on hand. In other words, they are much, much cheaper than what you’ll buy in the store. For example, you can make a skin exfoliant using sugar, lemon zest, and essential oils. Some things only require one ingredient. For example, you can use cocoa butter as a lip balm or for dry skin. You don’t need all the fancy products you’ve been buying. You’d be amazed at how many wonderful ways you can use essential oils to create beauty products. You must be wondering how I have the time to do that. As a busy mom of two I make sure all the recipes I utilize are quick and easy.

Not sure where to start to make your own beauty products?

I am so excited to introduce my E-book For the Love of DIY Beauty. 

Essential Oils| DIY | Beauty Products| Natural | Alternative Health

10 Irresistible DIY Beauty Products to Create Today

For the Love of DIY Beauty Products includes 10 of my favorite DIY recipes that I always keep on hand. All of the recipes included can be made very quickly and simply!  Haven’t ever created your own products and are your worried it is difficult or time consuming. I promise this recipes are incredibly easy! Matter of fact since Christmas is right around the corner you will be whipping up some of these products for your friends and family for Christmas presents!

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