If you haven’t been following our new puppy series, we recently got a new puppy. He is a 6 month old Siberian/Alaskan Husky mix which is perfect for the weather up here in the arctic. Back in the US I’ve always had a dog pretty much starting from when I was born. However, when we moved to Norway we had to re-home our babies because they weren’t cut out for the cold. Getting a new puppy is a lot of work and can be challenging but with the right supplies at home it will be much easier. Of course depending on the breed and size of your new puppy some of these items might be different but these are 10 awesome products you must have for your new puppy!

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10 Must Have Products for Your New Puppy
  1. Dog| Crate| Puppy| Animals | PetsCrate-While there is some controversy over crates. I highly recommend one for every pooch. It gives them a safe place to call their own. It is also invaluable when it comes to house training your pup.
  2. Harness-You could also get a collar if you prefer. We have found over time that we prefer a good harness over a collar. The main reason we prefer harness is that it helps us train the pups not to pull on the leash. Pets | Animals | Dogs| Puppy
  3. Leash-You must have a leash for your new addition. I prefer retractable leashes. Depending on where you are it is much easier if you need to put your dog on a “short” leash with a retractable leash. Whatever leash you go with make sure it is a quality product.
  4. Pod Tracker| GPS | Dogs | Pets | PuppyPod Tracker-This is definitely a must have. Our dogs have always been escape artists so I wish I would have discovered this before now. The pod tracker is a GPS + Wifi pet tracker. You simply attach it to their collar and it lets you locate them whenever you need to on your phone or computer. It also tracks their activity helping you monitor their health and fitness.
  5. Stainless Steel Dog Bowls-To be honest you just need dog bowls but I prefer stainless steel. When you have two young kids who want to help these are ideal. They can withstand the kids and your pet. They are easy to clean and will last a lifetime.
  6. Dog Bed-You need somewhere your puppy can lay down and relax when they aren’t in their crate. I always make sure the dog beds I buy have washable covers so I can easily throw it in the washer.
  7. Toys-Your new puppy doesn’t need a lot of toys but you will definitely recommend toys that will help your pup with teething as well as toys that will entertain him.
  8. Healthy Dog Food & Treats-You definitely want to buy dog food that will provide the many nutrients your pet needs. Make sure you buy food formulated for the size of your puppy and that it’s puppy food. For treats you make sure they are the proper size as well. Natural | Dogs | Puppies | Pets | Animals
  9. Nail Clippers, Brush, & Shampoo-You will definitely want to keep a few grooming supplies on hand. You will want nail clippers to trim those nails. For Odin we definitely needed a brush to help keep his coat clean and to help with the shedding. The last thing you may want on hand is shampoo so you can give your dog a bath. I highly recommend a natural shampoo like this one.
  10. Essential Oils-Essential oils can be very beneficial not only for the human members of your family but for your pets too. My favorite essential oils for dogs are Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Tea Tree and Citronella. Of course you want to make sure your are diluting your essential oils properly with a carrier oil.

There you have my top 10 must haves for a new puppy! I would definitely try to have most if not all of these on hand before bringing home your new pet.

Do you have any additional must haves to add to this list?

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