Seasons are changing and winter is quickly sneaking upon us. Along with the cooler months we will see more illnesses being spread around. There are natural ways to support your immune system. I use various natural ways to support our family’s immune system and one of those is through Essential Oils.

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Luckily it is easier than ever to be prepared! With the use of essential oils you can take control of your health. It’s great if you are looking a natural way to support your immune system. Essential oils are natural, safe, and very effective.

I want to share 5 essential oils that you should have on hand this winter:

  1. Protective Blend: This blend is great for boosting your immune system. Not only that, but it can also be used to clean the hard surfaces in your home or diffuse to help clean the air. Try this! Fill up a small spray bottle with water, vinegar and add a few drops of protective blend. (I use thieves). Use this to clean hard surfaces in your home. Be sure to get door knobs, light switches, sink handles, and the refrigerator door handles.
  2. Respiratory Blend: This blend will help support your respiratory system. Try this! Diffuse a few drops of a respiratory blend like Breath Again at night to support your respiratory system. Or try  the Breath again roller bottle.
  3. Oregano: This is a powerful oil that has used for centuries for its immune supporting properties. Oregano not only supports your immune system, but it is also great for supporting your respiratory system as well. Try this! Add 3 drops to a diffuser to help support your immune strength, cleanse the air, and to help support your respiratory system.
  4. Melaleuca: Melaleuca also known as Tea Tree oil helps support your respiratory system and your immune system. Try this! Diffuse up to 4 drops to support your family’s respiratory and immune strength.
  5. Eucalyptus: This oil supports the respiratory system, immune system and the nervous system. It is also the key ingredient in many over the counter chest ointments. Eucalyptus is also another great oil to diffuse to help cleanse the air. Try this! While taking a shower, put a few drops in a small bowl and let the steam and oil help promote respiratory function.
Final thoughts on Essential Oils for Winter

Essential oils are a great way to support your body’s natural systems. Just having these 5 Essential oils on hand will help support your systems that are affected most during the winter.

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