I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you are 100% committed to something right now. I mean, balls to the wall, in it to win it, think about it every moment, commitment. To something. And whatever that something is I am willing to bet $5,000 that it’s not YOU. Yea this is where we’re going – buckle up buttercup.

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Now, if I’m right, which I am pretty damn sure I am (I see you nodding over there), then we need to have a quick chat.

Committing to things/people/tasks/dreams, etc. is a freaking noble and admirable thing. I mean, go YOU. Seriously. Making the decision to give yourself to something takes kahones, drive and passion. So please don’t sell yourself short here. You have made a huge life-demanding choice and you are kicking butt every day accomplishing that commitment. And that commitment has to be renewed daily! It is a conscious decision you make every morning to be committed to whatever it is you are focusing on. You may not notice it but you are making that choice every single day.

Throughout your life, you have most likely made that everyday choice for a plethora of subjects, but I think there is one that you may have missed…yourself.

Do you wake up every day and say, “Today I am going to do what is best for me, what makes me happy, what betters me emotionally, physically and spiritually.” Do you say, “Today I am committing to myself 100% to love myself, treat myself with respect and care and make choices that are for the well-being of my mind, heart and soul.” Or maybe, “I promise to set aside time today just for me so that I can continue my commitment to making myself the happiest and best version of me possible.” I’m going to go with No – and you can contact me on my blog if I am wrong and put me in my damn place but I am pretty confident here. My guess is that your commitment to yourself each morning sounds more like this, “…………..” Am I right?? I’m seeing your head nod again friend!

pic-1Now that we’ve got that out in the open, I want to say that your commitment to yourself each

morning, ya know, the one that sounds like this, “…………..” is nutso!! Come on man! You are the most important person in your life because without you your life doesn’t exist. Without you, everything you work for, everyone you take care of, every person you impact, everything you accomplish for this world, it all goes away. You are the star of this show dear. So how on Earth, does it make sense, that you are committing to everything and everyone else but yourself? How crazy is it that you are giving your best to all the rest and giving yourself the scraps? What’s the deal here??

You are so special and so valuable and so amazing and dreamy and perfect, I do not understand why you are not committed to yourself 100%. You deserve every ounce of your best and then comes the rest. You are only as good as your cup is full. If your cup is only dried up coffee grounds, your commitment to everything else will show that. You have to be at 100% in order to give 100%. Your kids are going to know that you’re on the verge of tears. They are going to see that you’re not happy with your body, or your job, or that your eyes are lacking the spark behind them. Your boss is going to notice that your work feels lackluster. They’re going to notice you’re not shining from the inside out. Your husband/wife/spouse will feel your distance – their soul will see how far away yours is because it has no nourishment, no love and no care from the one person that matters most: YOU.

Every single other commitment is based off of your commitment to yourself. If you’re not filled up, if you’re not coming first, if you’re not taking care of yourself, all the rest of your commitments are going to feel like chores. They are going to be a struggle, there will be frustration, anger, disappointment, confusion, sadness and lack of passion. Everything you love about those commitments will be forgotten because YOU are not YOU. And remember, this whole life, all that you are, all that you do and the love you give is based off of YOU; and you being the best version of yourself.

On board? Catch my drift? Ya dig it? Good. Because this is the part where you make me a promise – get your pinky out!

I want you to promise me that you are going to commit to yourself 100% right now. And you are going to make that commitment every single day. And you are going to make that commitment the most important one in your life. This commitment entails doing what you need to make your heart happy, your soul shiny, your body nourished, your mind soothed and eyes bright. Now take your pinky and link it with your other pinky and promise yourself! You have been a really bad partner and lover to yourself so let’s make this right and let’s start filling your cup every day, always.

Because you are irreplaceable, unmatchable and a work of art. And you deserve this.


*Wanna chat more? Come visit me at http://www.redheadintherealworld.com – I can’t wait to meet you!

About The Author:

Guest PostA is what Ariana Schwab goes by and she is the Founder and Editor In Chief of
Redhead in the Real World. Born and raised in Southern California she is a Puerto Rican redhead keeping it real for everyone. After spending her entire life preparing for a successful career as a
lawyer, she accidentally joined yoga teacher training (her teacher bamboozled her into it) and saw life as it really is for the first time. She ditched the law school plans and started to follow her heart, her sassy head and her soul. She’s an independent, no holds barred, take charge woman, a fiancé, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a hippie at heart and a lover of all things wine. Her site is for talking about real life, the good, the bad, the awkward, the glorious, the hilarious, the frustrating, the ugly and the beautiful. Not to mention wine to drink for every one of those occasions. Her goal is to lift each other up, laugh through it, live our best lives and make this world the best place with a smirk on her face and a glass of champagne in her hand.


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