A new puppy can be a wonderful addition to your family, but there are things you need to keep it mind. Whether it’s scheduling a vet visit or being careful with chews, you need to remember these things when bringing home your new puppy.

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Schedule a Vet Visit
First things first. You need to schedule a vet visit as soon as you get your new puppy. The vet will be able to give him any shots he needs, do a health checkup, and test the puppy for any problems, such as worms. Your vet will also be able to provide medications to keep your puppy from getting fleas, ticks, and worms. You can also schedule an appointment to have your puppy fixed, once he’s old enough.

Create a Care Folder
A care folder is used to house all the information about your new puppy. You may have gotten papers from the place where you adopted him that should be kept on hand. You’ll also want to keep vet papers, such as proof of his rabies shots. If you have pet insurance, this is also the best place to keep the policy.

Have a Space Just for Him
When your new puppy comes home, you want to have a space just for him. In the beginning, you do not want your puppy to roam around the house on his own. You can use a large storage tote lined with blankets to keep him comfortable and safe. When he is out of the tote, make sure to keep an eye on him at all times. You never want to leave the puppy unattended.

Talk to Your Vet About Healthy Food Options
Your vet will be able to recommend foods that are healthy for your dog’s breed. If the vet tries to push the expensive foods carried is his office, ask about other options that are just as good of quality available at major pet stores.

Work to House Train Your New Puppy
It takes time and work, but it’s easier to house train your puppy than you might think. The sooner you work to house train your new puppy, the better.

Have Toys for Him to Chew On
If you want to avoid having your new puppy chew up your favorite belongings, have toys for him to play with. Puppies are full of energy and teething can also be an issue. Make sure your puppy has lots of fun toys to choose from.

Keep Dangerous Items Out of His Reach
Puppies love to chew on everything. You want to make sure your puppy can not access dangerous items, like electrical cords, or toxic items.

Be Careful with Chews
Chews are a great way for your new puppy to get through teething. These chews also clean your dog’s teeth. However, some chews can be dangerous. Choose the right size for your puppy and never leave your puppy unattended while he’s chewing on one. You want to be nearby should one get stuck in his throat.

Play with Him
You want to play with your new puppy as much as possible. Playing with him will help prevent boredom, which can also lead to destructive chewing, and will let him feel loved.

Use an Old Tee Shirt to Crate Train Him
Last, but not least, you can use an old tee shirt to help crate train your new puppy. When your puppy smells your scent on the shirt, he’ll be more comfortable. You can also place a hot water bottle in the crate to provide the warmth he’s used to receiving from his litter mates.

A new puppy is an exciting addition to your home, but there are several important things you need to do to keep your puppy healthy and safe.

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