You’ve decided to bring home a new puppy. This can be an exciting time for your family. However, there are things you want to remember when introducing your new friend to the family. Whether it’s to get down on his level or hold him while he gets use to others, you’ll want to follow these tips to introduce a new puppy to your family.

How to Introduce a New Puppy to your Family

Get Down to His Level

It can be so intimidating to the puppy for everyone to crowd around him. He’s a small guy and everyone standing up can be really scary. This can cause the puppy to cower or lash out to protect himself. Instead, have everyone get down in the floor before bringing the puppy into the room. This way, the puppy can run around and meet all the new people.

Hold the Puppy While He Gets Used to Others

Until your puppy gets used to other people, you should hold and comfort him. This will reassure him that he’s in a safe place. It won’t take long until your new puppy is wanting to visit with others to be held and loved on.

Don’t Let Kids Lunge at the Puppy

You never, ever want to let your children lunge at the puppy. Your kids may be excited to have a new puppy in the house, but moving too quickly can scare the puppy. Instead, you should have your children reach out to pet the puppy slowly. This way they don’t frighten him with sudden movements.

Let the Puppy Learn Everyone’s Scent

Have your kids hold out their hands for the puppy to smell before they try to pet him. This is something your children should do with any new dog they meet. Doing this allows the puppy to get the child’s scent and learn that the person is friendly. It’s also a good way to calmly approach the pet.

Accept the Natural Order

Last, but not least, if you have other dogs in the home, you need to understand that dogs are going to create a pack and choose a top dog. This means that your new puppy may decide to exert dominance over the other dogs or your older dogs may exert dominance. Either way, you need to let your dogs determine who’s boss. This is completely natural. However, do not allow them to hurt one another.

A new puppy can be a great addition to your home, but you need to take steps to introduce your new pet to your family. As long as you take time and teach your children how to properly approach the puppy, your children will soon have a new friend to love and care for.

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