From a very young age both Storebror and Lillesøster have loved berries of all types. I’m very thankful neither one are picky eaters. Do you have a picky eater? Check out my post on tips to raise a non picky eater. I love that my kids love their berries because one I love berries and two because we can now pick unlimited amount of berries when they are in season. Come learn more about Berry Picking.

Berry Picking | Harvesting | Wild | Hiking | Berries| Adventure

The first summer I came to visit Mr. Viking here in Norway we went berry picking. It was a last minute decision so we weren’t really prepared but we walked away with some good berries and even better memories. I have always remembered that trip so I anxiously await berry season every year.

Last year we picked a few liters of blueberries but it wasn’t a very good year for them. However, the blueberries this year have been wonderful and delicious.

Berry Picking whether it’s blueberries (blåbær), lingonberries (tyttebær), Cloudberries (Multebær), Raspberries (bringebær), Red Currants (Rips), BlackCurrants (Solbær) or Crowberries (krøkebær) is a popular past time for Norwegians that some take seriously. Some like us take it as a fun outdoor activity to spend time in the forest with the kids getting some wonderful fresh air.

The last time we went berry picking we did it all by hand which when picking blueberries leaves your hands tinged purple. Now we use these wonderful berry pickers. The help you pick berries much faster, allows your hands to stay relatively clean, and collects the berries until its full. Even Storebror and Lillesøster have their own berry pickers. The kids love berry picking although I think they eat as many as they pick.

Berry Picking | Harvesting | Wild | Hiking | Berries| Adventure

If you haven’t tried picking wild berries or berry picking at a farm I urge you to go! It is so much fun! If you do go here are my 5 tips for a successful berry picking trip:

  1. Pack a backpack or a daypack- You will be hiking in the woods for several hours so you must be prepared. Having all your belongings in a bag makes it easier to keep everything together and also makes it easier to carry. Make sure to pack a jacket just in case it gets cool.
  2. Mosquito Repellent- I always thought the mosquitos were horrible in Mississippi but I now know they can be far worse. For more suggestions on how to naturally repel mosquitos check out my blog post.
  3. Snacks/Lunch-You will be in the woods or hiking for several hours plus the time spent picking the berries so make sure you have some snacks and/or lunch in your bag. Don’t forget to pack lots of water too.
  4. Bring a bucket-Make sure you pack a bucket or actually several bucket preferably with lids. This will ensure you have somewhere to put your berries. The lid will make sure you don’t lose any.
  5. A Companion-It is so much more fun if you are picking berries with someone else. The time passes a lot quicker. You will get twice as many berries and it will be much safer.

Once your done picking your berries you will need to spread them out and discard the bad ones. This is my least favorite part of berry picking (ok let’s be honest, anything I harvest). It is a necessary evil though. I like to use a berry cleanup tray like this one.

Here are some pictures of our 2016 Berry Picking Adventures.


I can’t wait to go berry picking again next year. Have you ever gone Wild berry picking? What was your experience like? What other tips would you suggest?

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