You have found the topics you are passionate about and that you want to write about. With that in mind it’s now time to come up with your blog’s name and choose your domain name. So there are two parts to this step choosing your blog’s name and choosing your blog’s domain name. So I’m going to break them down.

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Step 1: Choosing Your Blog’s Name

This should be much easier now that you narrowed down what you are passionate about. You should have a general idea of where you are headed. So I highly suggest creating another mind map of words you think about when you think of your topic.

There are also a few things you want to keep in mind while coming up with your name.

  • Make sure it is unique…. You don’t want the same name as someone else if you can help it.
  • Make sure it reflects who you are and what you will be writing about.
  • Remember to Kiss -“Keep it simple, stupid”
  • Make sure to keep it “classic” so that you can grow with it and it can grow with you.

I suggest you come up with a few variations or ideas before narrowing it down. I believe I came up with 5 before narrowing it down further. The next step is to google your ideas to see if there is anyone with a similar name. Also this helps when choosing a domain name because ideally you want your blog name and domain name to match.

How I chose my blog’s name:

I went through the steps above which is how I know they work. I knew I wanted to write about essential oils, herbalism, creating a home. So I picked 3 main topics I wanted my site to be about Health/Wellness, Food & Home. With these 3 main topics I have endless post possibilities. Seriously I keep a notebook of blog post ideas but that is another topic. With my main 3 topics in mind I did a brain dump and created a mind map of all the words I could come up with that I associated with the topics I wanted to write about. From this mind map I narrowed my choices down. I then googled my choices which narrowed it down further. I then got input from my husband and finally settled on The Lavender Hytta.

Step #2: Pick Your Domain Name

There are several free routes you can go if you don’t want to purchase your domain name such as blogspot or However with these free sites there can be challenges. As well as they limit your options if you ever choose to monetize your site.

With that in mind most people will choose to purchase the domain that matches their blog name. It is more professional looking and will be easier for your readers to find.

Purchasing your domain name doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. There are several places you can purchase your domain name. The ones I’ve used before are:

Final Thoughts on your Domain Name

It really doesn’t matter where you purchase your domain. It’s yours for how long your term is. I now purchase all my domains through RFE Hosting. It is easier because my sites are also hosted by RFE but the biggest reason is because the customer service has been incredible and that is really important.

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