The early days of November are a great time to start teaching your kids about the meaning of Thanksgiving! It is a great time to celebrate with family and friends. Sometimes children don’t understand the actual meaning of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it, they simply think that it’s a day where everyone gets together and enjoys a whole bunch of food and eat pumpkin pie! It is so important that kids understand the meaning of Thanksgiving and to learn to be thankful on Thanksgiving! Here are tips for teaching your kids the meaning of Thanksgiving!
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The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving is to reflect on everything that we are thankful for that year and to be thankful for the harvest that we received over the past year. We celebrate it every single year on the fourth Thursday of every November!
-Pilgrims and Indians: Thanksgiving originated to celebrate the first successful Harvest Season. In 1621, the first Thanksgiving Dinner occurred between the Pilgrims and Indians and became a yearly tradition that is celebrated every year in both the United States of America and Canada!
-Choosing the Date of Thanksgiving: In the earlier years of Thanksgiving it was celebrated on various days throughout the year and it was different from state to state. It wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln made the decision of making it consistent throughout the county for everyone to celebrate on the same day every year in 1863.
-The meaning of being Thankful: Being thankful is described as being happy that something happened, or did not happen, or being grateful for a person or act. People are often thankful for their friends, family, or even their health.
Fun for Teaching:
It is important that we teach our children to be thankful for the good things in their life! We are blessed every day with the love from friends and family. Here is a couple really great activities for kids to do to show what they are thankful for!
-Create a turkey outline and on the stomach write “I am thankful for..” and then give them various colored paper feathers and on each feather they can write something they are thankful for and glue it to their turkey.
-Build a Thankful tree, using their hand outline for each leaf, and allow them to write something they are thankful for on each hand cut out.
-Make a Wreath out of leaf shapes with them putting each of the things they are thankful for this year.
Final Thoughts on the meaning of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is such an important holiday that we celebrate each year, it’s important for kids to know the true meaning of Thanksgiving, it’s not just a day all about turkeys! There are so many things to be thankful for in our everyday lives, whether it is something really simple like a well earned A on your math test, or something major like a family member or friend overcoming a serious illness! Remember the meaning of Thanksgiving this year as you celebrate with friends and family. What are you thankful for?

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