Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is one of my favorite times of the year! I love to look back on the previous year and reflect on anything has happened in my life over that time. I like to remember what I am thankful for and spend time with my friends and family. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and being thankful for the good things within our lives. One of my favorite things to do around Thanksgiving time is to give back and appreciate those who have less than I do, or maybe someone who just needs a smile for the day! Here a 5 ways that I like to do to give back this Holiday Thanksgiving!
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1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen: There are many places out there all throughout the country that serve meals to the homeless on Thanksgiving. You can easily find a place to go and sign up to be a volunteer. Being a volunteer consists of serving the guests with a Thanksgiving meal and simply providing them with the conversation and company that they don’t normally get on a day to day basic. A lot of homeless people are very lonely, especially on the holidays so if you can simply provide them with a bit of company, they will be eternally grateful!
2. Donate to a Food Drive: If you are unable to volunteer at a food drive or something like that, you can also donate to food drives! You can pick up some really simple, non perishable foods like cans of soup and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and boxed foods. These simple donations are used to go towards a great cause of feeding those in need and those who are less fortunate on the holidays.
3. Hang Scarves Around the City: Around Thanksgiving is when it begins to get pretty cold and it is approaching the Winter season, which is very cold. A nice way to help out those in need is to get a bunch of warm scarves and hang them on light poles and all around the city with a note attached telling people that are in need to take them for their own use! These scarves will help to keep them a bit warmer on those really chilly nights.
4. Buy Meals and Serve Them Around The City: Another great way to spread the love and give back on Thanksgiving is to hand out meals for those who are unable to make it to a place that is already serving the homeless. Just simply drive around the city and hand them out to those in need. Even if it is something as simple as a cheeseburger and fries, they will be extremely grateful and you will make their day!
5. Send a Care Package to a Military Base: Another group of people who can really use some giving back is those who serve our country every day. The brave humans who are in the military don’t always get to come home for the holidays, which means they miss out on their family and friends during the Holiday Season. Send a nice care package to a military base to make them feel loved and appreciated! This is such a simple thing to give back for all of their bravery and hard work they endure every day!
Final Thoughts on Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of the year to appreciate what we have and those who are in our lives. Take a bit of time this year to give back to those who are a little bit less fortunate than you.

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