Lots of families will begin traveling since it is the start of the Holiday season. No matter how far or short you are going travel can stress your body. If you are traveling a fairly far distance than you must prepare yourself for some jet lag. If you are unaware of what jet lag is, it is basically when your body gets out of sync because of traveling to a different time zone in a quick manner. So, with that being said I am going to be sharing with you a few tips and tricks that will help you to get over your jet lag quickly.
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1. Get Sufficient Sleep Prior to the Flight: If you know that you are going to be take a really long flight and it is to a different time zone, chances are you are at risk of jet lag. This is when you should definitely try to prepare for this flight. Get a sufficient amount of sleep prior to your flight. Possibly even try to get a little bit of extra time than you normally would. This well help your body to be well rested and the lack of sleep with your flight will not take as big of a toll on your body.
2. Stay Hydrated and Eat Nutritiously: Getting dehydrated and not eating properly can just add to that jet lag and make it even worse! Make sure that you are staying hydrated with water. Try to refrain from eating really greasy foods such as burgers, french fries, and pizza. These things will just make your body suffer even more.
3. Break up Your Flight: If it is at all possible, try to break up your flight. Try to plan out at least one layover within your flight. This will help to not put all of that feeling on your body at once! It gives your body a bit of a break to recuperate from the first flight before you get onto the next one.
4. Exposure to Daylight: Once you arrive at your destination, try to get out for the day and have fun! Exposure to the daylight actually helps to relieve that jet lag feeling that you are experiencing! I know that you may not want to and you just want to rest, but I promise getting out there and enjoying the day will make you feel better!
5. Make up For Sleep Loss:  On your first day of your trip, I do think that you should get out there and enjoy the day but try not to stay out and about all night long! You should still go ahead and go home at a decent hour. This will allow your body to catch up on your sleep and to rest and recuperate from everything it has just gone through. 
Final Thoughts on Jet Lag
Jet lag can be a really awful feeling and something no one wants to experience! It can cause you to feel extremely tired and lethargic. Chances are if you are traveling you will want to have a good time on a vacation not like you need to nap the whole time so make sure to prepare your body ahead of time. If you can, try to avoid your jet lag at all costs but if you do end up with it use these tips to get over your jet lag quickly!

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