It seems these days that having a smart phone and using apps makes everything a bit easier and these is definitely an app for anything and everything that you could possibly think of! That is no different for traveling! There are so many traveling apps out there that really do aid in your traveling experience! Today I will be sharing with you 10 of my personal favorite apps that really do make traveling a bit easier for me!
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1. Gas Buddy: Gas buddy is an app that allows you to compare gas prices for local gas stations so that you can save the most money! This is a great app to have on hand especially if you are going to be going on a road trip and will be needing to use a lot of gas! This app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.
2. Skyscanner: Sky Scanner is similar to gas buddy in the fact that it compares various pricing, but with this app it helps you to find the best deals when it comes to finding a cheap flight! This is a great way to compare deals and save a bit of money when it comes to booking your flight. This app is also available for free on iTunes and Google Play.
3. PayByPhone Parking: The PayByPhone Parking app allows you to pay for your parking through your mobile device without having to use cash! They have several locations all over North America, and Europe! This app is also available for free in the iTunes store as well as Google Play.
4. Uber: Uber is a great app to use on an everyday basis but also while you are traveling because it allows you to find a “taxi” that is close by and can get to you within minutes. Everything is operated through the app and this is a great and really convenient way to find means of transportation! Another app that is available for free through both iTunes and Google Play!
5. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: This is another app that provides a car service but this one is where you can rent a car for multiple days. This way if you fly to your destination but you need a car to get around, you can do that! Also free through the iTunes App Store as well as Google Play.
6. iTranslate: If you are traveling to a foreign country that you do not speak the language of, free translator is a great app to have! Obviously, using this app will not allow you to be completely fluent in that language, but it will help you to communicate better with the natives and not leave you completely clueless! This is another app that is available for free on both iTunes and Google Play.
7. Priceline: The app provides you with the opportunity to be able to find the best hotels to stay in at the most affordable rate! A lot of times you can find another hotel at a much more affordable price, and priceline will help you to find that! Also available for free on both iTunes and Google Play.
8. Yelp: Yelp is an app that provides you with reviews of everything you can think of! I love to use this app to check reviews of restaurants in that new area. Obviously I would love to find the best tasting and most well liked restaurants in that new area. Yelp is a great way to check these things! Available for free on both iTunes and Google Play.
9. AccuWeather: Another great app to use during your travel experience is the Accuweather app because well it provides you with with a weather forecast and you are able to plan accordingly based on the weather! Both free on iTunes and Google Play!
10. Wifi Map: This app gives you a map of where you can find free wifi areas! We could always use some free wifi, right?! This app will provide you with everywhere that you can find that. Also free on both iTunes and Google Play! 
Final Thoughts on Apps for Traveling

If you are planning on heading out for a trip sometime soon, be sure to check out some of these trips because they will definitely make things a bit more manageable for you!

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