I received this product at a discount (Tassel Necklace) and free (tassel keychain) for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it.  All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own. For further details check out my Full Disclaimer Page. 

Around this time last year I was scheduled to start my Norwegian classes. I knew I needed a solution to take my essential oils with me wherever I went. So I jumped on one of my favorite shopping sites, Etsy and did a search for essential oil jewelry. I was overwhelmed so I saved some I liked and then went back to my daily tasks. A week or so later I remembered I had saved some so I logged back in took a look at my favorites and finally decided which one I wanted to order. Seeing as my birthday is in December it ended up being an early birthday gift for me. Let me tell you these products make amazing gifts for every essential oil lover.

Essential Oil | Essential Oil Lover | Necklace | Diffuser | Jewelry | Gift

Pearl Leaf Locket Diffuser

I finally decided to purchase the Pearl Leaf Locket Diffuser from The Curated Carrot. I absolutely love this beautiful necklace and I’ve worn it just about everyday. It has held up incredibly well even though my 2 and 5 year old have pulled and played with it. I love the open filigree on the front of the necklace as it easily allows the aroma of the essential oils to come through.

Essential Oil | Essential Oil Lover | Necklace | Diffuser | Jewelry | Gift

“This aromatherapy necklace features a luminous glass pearl, a silver leaf charm, and a round filigree locket that is approximately the size of a quarter (1″ diameter). The necklace will be lovingly made with your choice of chain length and will be finished with a lobster clasp closure.”

There are so many choices for the length of the chain and I really had a hard time deciding which length to go with. The lengths she offers are 18-20 inches, 21-23 inches, 24-26 inches, 27-29 inches and finally 30-32 inches. Also each of these lengths being adjustable.

In addition to this necklace I received 3 leather pads to place my essential oils on. I also ordered a set of Vegan felt refill pads. I love both pads but I prefer the leather. They seem to be holding up much better.

One of my favorite things about this stunning necklace is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is put 1-2 drops on either the leather pad or vegan felt pad and insert it into your locket then head out to wherever you need to go.

Tassel Diffuser Necklace

Once I fell in love with my first purchase I followed The Curated Carrot on Instagram. I loved seeing all the new products she was introducing. I especially was coveting one of her Tassel Necklaces.

A few weeks ago Charis introduced her brand new website and I was able to be one of the first ones to try it out. You can check it out here! Now I have my beautiful Tassel Necklace in Bronze.

Essential Oil | Essential Oil Lover | Necklace | Diffuser | Jewelry | Gift

“This Darling Necklace features the bronze charm of your choice along with a vegan suede tassel charm in the color of your choice. This medium adult length necklace chain is adjustable from 21″-23″ long and is finished with a lobster clasp closure.”

I actually had a hard time choosing a color bt in the end went with the neutral charcoal so I could wear it more often. For my charm I chose the arrow because of one of my favorite quotes:

“An Arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it mean it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.” -Unknown

If you are not into arrows you can choose an owl, feather, lotus, elephant, or your initial. There are so many great options.

I also chose to go with the bronze for this necklace because one my locket necklace is silver and I wanted something different and two I absolutely love how vintage it looks.

It is equally as easy to use as the Diffuser locket. I lay it on a towel or paper towel just in case and add 1-3 drops of essential oils to the tassel section of the necklace.

Diffuser Keychain Clip

As a bonus I received a beautiful Tassel Diffuser Keychain Clip in bronze as well.

Essential Oil | Essential Oil Lover | Necklace | Diffuser | Jewelry | Gift

“This darling diffuser key chain features a bronze ring connector along with a vegan suede tassel in the color of your choice. The lobster claw clip in 1.5″ long and the tassel is 1.5″ long including the tassel cap.”

I was so excited when I opened the package and saw it along with my necklace. It quickly made it’s way to my set of keys and looks fabulous there!

Final Thoughts on The Curated Carrot

The Curated Carrot’s customer service is incredible. Charis the owner is amazing and any time I had a question she responded fully and promptly. She puts in the extra time and thought not only into her product but into her packaging as well.

Essential Oil | Essential Oil Lover | Necklace | Diffuser | Jewelry | Gift

I absolutely adore all 3 of my products and plan to buy more from The Curated Carrot soon!

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Gift for Every Essential Oil Lover

If you are an essential oil lover or know someone who loves them then this is the perfect gift. They are super stylish and so useful. Don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner.

Looking for something for your daughter, son, or the man if your life… no worries The Curated Carrot has you covered. Check all her products at her brand new site!

Also as a special to all my readers from now until the 18th if you place and order use the coupon code LAVENDER10 and you will receive 10% off your order of $20+.

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