Winter is in full force here in Norway… and we have been getting our fair share of snow lately. However, when winter is in full force, you choice of activities can be somewhat limited. Right now it is cold and dreary outside but don’t worry there is a bright side. Remember here in Norway, “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.” With winter comes snow and a good snow storm can give you lots of opportunity to get out and have some fun with snow activities. This is especially true if you live where you might get to take a snow day from school or work (we don’t get those here).

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We have learned to roll with the weather here and both Storebror and Lillesøstre enjoy being outside in the snow so they have come up with a fabulous list of their favorite fun activities to enjoy when there is snow outside. So Let’s Get ready to enjoy the snow!

Storebror & Lillesøstre’s Favorite Snow Activities

Let’s start off with the simple activities and the ones that everyone is familiar with.

  1. Building a Snow Man- This is always a fun activity. It is always fun to see what everyone does with their snowmen and how they decorate them.
  2. Snow Ball Fights- This one is self explanatory. We love to get into a fun family snowball fight. Typically girls vs boys and the girls always seem to lose… Haha
  3. Snow Angels- I always love to make Snow Angels. Growing up in Mississippi I would rarely get to see snow so this is one of the first things that I did whenever I saw snow. A tip for the Snow Angels is to have a friend (or your husband) help you up to keep out unwanted hand prints.

The Next few are a little more difficult however once you get the hang of them they can be really fun. These also are life-skills in case you happen to live in a Northern Region like we do.

  1. Snow Caves-These are by far the easiest of three. You will need a snow shovel and a spade or smaller shovel. To get started just pile up a lot of snow. Once you have it several feet high and several feet around, pack the top down. Then you will also want to pack in the sides some as well. This will help it from caving in later. When you are satisfied with the mound start digging out the middle. Make sure to only dig the opening large enough for you to crawl through. Once you are finished digging you get to enjoy your new cave.
  2. Snow Chairs-These are probably the next ones that aren’t too hard. The biggest issue with these are planning. You need to be sure that it is big enough and strong enough to hold you. The same tools will be used for the snow chair as the cave, just two shovels. The process is very similar as well. First you will need to pile up a lot of snow, and make sure that it is large enough to be packed down to the correct size. After you have a large mound pack it down really well. Then start shoveling away the snow in the middle to form a chair with arms and a back. Once you have the basic shape you are going for, pack it down again so that it will hold your weight. Then you can enjoy your handmade snow chair.
  3. Snow Forts-These take a little more skill, but they are so much fun to make with your friends and family. You will need the same equipment as with the cave and chair but you will also need something to mold the snow in. This mold could be a tupperware container, five gallon bucket, or something else similar. Fill your chosen mold with snow and pack it together really tight into a block. It is important to make sure your block is packed tight so that your fort will last. Lay out the bottom layer of your blocks into the fort shape. Be sure to build it large enough for everyone to get inside. Simply stagger the next row of blocks and so on until it is the height you would like it to be. Once you are done you can enjoy your fort with your family and friends. We also take some hot cocoa in our Snow Forts and enjoy it after a hard days work.
Final Thoughts on Snow Activities

There are you have Storebror and Lillesøstre’s favorite snow activities. We don’t have enough snow for the last three right now but we will soon! I am sure as soon as we do we will all be out there once again playing in the snow. No matter what snowy activity you decide on do it with friends and family to make memories that will last a lifetime.


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