The countdown to Christmas is one of my favorite things to do each December! I like to spend a lot of time with my family during the Holiday season and we like to do some sort of activity together for the 25 days leading up to Christmas Day! This helps to pass the time a bit quicker and provides us with a ton of exciting, family time together for bonding and enjoying the beautiful Holiday Season!
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Here are some really amazing things to do to get into the Christmas Spirit and it makes the wait not so treacherous so without further ado here is the 25 Days of Christmas:
Day 1: Pick out a tree and Decorate it with the family! Whether you go to a local place to pick out a fresh tree, or you have a fake one at home already, it’s great to kick off December with setting it up and everyone decorating it all together!
Day 2: Decorate the rest of the house. Sometimes you don’t have the time to decorate both the tree and the house in one day, so I like to split it up into two days! Decorating the house makes it feel more like Christmas time for me and I like to cover the inside and outside of my house for everyone to enjoy!
Day 3: Make a Christmas Countdown Chain. A great way to anticipate Christmas is to make a countdown chain, and then you can rip one off one day at a time until the arrival of Christmas!
Day 4: Spend the night in with family doing a puzzle! I love to spend the night in wearing our comfy clothes, drinking hot chocolate and putting together a nice, big puzzle! Such a great way to spend time together!
Day 5: Make Smores around a Winter Campfire! I love to build a nice fire with the family so we can warm up in the cold, winter weather while enjoying a delicious treat!
Day 6: Celebrate St.Nick’s Day! In addition to Christmas Day in December, there is also a day known as St.Nick’s Day, celebrated on December 6th! St. Nicholaus was formed from a Greek Bishop who was known for giving people coins in their shoes! Now it is common for children to receive candy and treats in a shoe or stocking on St.Nick’s Day!
Day 7: Make Snow Art! Get some paints and colors and go outside and use the white snow as your canvas! Draw whatever you would like and have fun with it!
Day 8: Christmas Movie Marathon. There are so many great Christmas movies out there, our family loves to just take a night to watch as many as we can in one night! Great to snuggle up and enjoy the company of one another!
Day 9: Go Skiing/Tubing/Snowboarding! If you can find some really great snowy hills, this is such a fun activity! There is something for everyone and you will have the best time just spending time with your family!
Day 10: Build a snow fort. It is so much fun to build a snow fort. It will provide hours of fun and will help build strong team work skills for everyone involved. It will be just like you’re a little Eskimo!
Day 11: Throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater party! A really fun way to hang out with friends is to have an Ugly Sweater Party. Include all your family and friends and enjoy the company. Have a contest who has the ugliest sweater and give them a small gift for winning.
Day 12: Go Ice Skating. Another great winter activity is Ice Skate! It’s so much fun, even if you aren’t great at it, it’s so much fun to enjoy the falls and time with your friends and family!
Day 13: Go outside and enjoy the snow as it is falling! It’s so nice to experience the snow actually falling, catch snowflakes on your tongue and enjoy the winter!
Day 14: Build a Snowman! Who doesn’t love building a snowman?! Make your very own snowy friend and have a really great time in the process of building it! Get creative and make your snowman into whatever you wish.
Day 15: Go Christmas Shopping! I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely hate Christmas Shopping alone, so I love to bring along whoever I’m not buying for that day and just spend some quality time with them and get their opinions on presents to buy for family!
Day 16: Cook up a big pot of chili! One of my favorite meals during the Winter is Chili!! It’s such a great meal for warming you up on a cold day, cook up a big pot and enjoy it while watching some great movies!
Day 17: Drive around looking at Christmas lights! This is one of my favorite things to do because it is so beautiful to see how everyone lights up the neighborhood with the beautiful lights!
Day 18: Charlie Brown Christmas! I absolutely love this movie, it truly is a classic! We absolutely love to make a night of it and watch this movie as a family!
Day 19: Go around shoveling neighbor’s driveways. Christmas season is all about the season of giving, so go do a good deed! Help out those who may be too old or unable to shovel their own driveway and shovel it for them!
Day 20: Bake Christmas Cookies! A great thing to do with your kids is to bake cookies! You can bake dozens and dozens and then bag them up and give them out as a good, homemade present to your neighbors, friends, and family!
Day 21: Go for Ice Fishing. If you want to try something new, try Ice Fishing! It’s a really neat thing to do and definitely something different, a great experience!
Day 22: Decorate Stockings. In order to prepare for Santa to fill your stockings, get everyone in the family a blank stocking, and allow everyone to decorate their own stocking however they want!
Day 23: Prepare for Christmas dinner by prepping ahead things that you can, or run out to the store for last minute items!
Day 24: Spend the evening anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus! One of my family’s favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies while watching a Christmas movie as a family by the Christmas Tree!
Day 25: Celebrate Christmas!!! Spend the day with your friends and family enjoying the gifts you received as well as the joy of seeing others open the gifts you gave them as well! Enjoy the beautiful day and have a delicious dinner together!
Enjoy these Family Christmas Activities
Enjoy the holidays and make it a really great family bonding time! These activities are so much fun and they really help to get you into the Christmas Spirit!

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