There is nothing like walking into a room that smells like Christmas. These 25 Essential Oil Scents For Christmas will do just that any time of year.  From using in your diffuser to creating your own homemade air fresheners or candles, these essential oils are going to make your home smell of all of your favorite Christmas scents in no time.

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1.Pine needle essential oil – this is a perfect oil to combine with Juniper Berry, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang for an outdoors feel

2.Rosemary essential oil – Add this to a mix of Cyprus and Bergamot for a woodsy and earthy scent.

3.Cinnamon leaf essential oil – Cinnamon leaf is commonly used alongside vanilla, orange, ginger, nutmeg and clove for that fresh baked cookie or cake smell.

4. Vanilla bean essential oil – Great in combination with any “spice” essential oil or citrus scent.

5.Ginger essential oil – Ginger blends well with nutmeg, clove, cardamom and sandalwood essential oils for a hearty holiday smell.

6. Peppermint essential oil – Mixed with wintergreen and eucalyptus it has a bright scent, but is also great along with pine, Douglas Fir or Cedarwood.

7. Wintergreen essential oil – A great oil to mix with peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon or any of the tree scents like Pine, Cyprus or Douglas Fir.

8. Clove essential oil – Add to blends that include vanilla, cinnamon, orange or star anise

9. Nutmeg essential oil – Nutmeg blends wonderfully with vanilla, cinnamon leaf, cardamom, clove and tea tree oils.

10. Frankincense essential oil – Frankincense is great with orange and ginger essential oils.

11. Juniper Berry essential oil – Mix with wintergreen, cedarwood, cyprus and pine for a wonderful wooded forest smell.

12. Cedarwood essential oil – A great addition to orange and vanilla, as well as blended with other wood and tree scents.

13. Ylang Ylang essential oil – This is a perfect pairing with orange and ginger for a rich intoxicating scent.

14. Bergamot essential oil – Coupled with Frankincense, vanilla or orange this is hearty and homey.

15. Cyprus essential oil– Cyprus accents well with rosemary, pine, mandarin and tea tree oils.

16. Douglas Fir essential oil – Combine with peppermint, eucalyptus or pine and cyprus for a delicious fresh crisp smell.

17. Star Anise essential oil – Is a great accompaniment to vanilla, cardamom and orange.

18. Tangerine essential oil – Mix with orange, grapefruit and vanilla for a creamy citrus blend.  A drop or two of cinnamon makes it even brighter.

19. Mandarin essential oil – Mandarin goes well with any “spice” including nutmeg, clove, cardamom and of course vanilla.

20. Eucalyptus essential oil – Blend with peppermint, wintergreen, cyprus or Douglas fir for a great bright blend.

21. Myrrh essential oil– Myrrh works well with vanilla and cardamom, as well as Frankincense and mandarin.

22. Cardamom essential oil – Cardamom brings that rich spice smell to things like vanilla, Myrrh, Bergamot and even orange.

23. Sandalwood essential oil – Perfect in combination with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

24. Grapefruit essential oil – Combine with mandarin, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove or ginger.

25. Tea Tree essential oil – Great alongside cedar wood, cyprus, pine or Douglas fir.

Essential Oil Scents for Christmas

These essential oil blends are the perfect thing to add to your diffuser or in a simple homemade air freshener to create the smells of Christmas throughout your home. Play with the different oils to create your own favorite combinations that remind you of the foods and smells of the holiday season.

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