5 Tips to Hosting a Secret Santa (1)
The Christmas Season is creeping up quickly on us and it’s time to start thinking about presents! You gotta start thinking about presents that you want to ask for as well as what you need to buy for others! One of my favorite ways to do gift giving around the holidays is to have a Secret Santa event! This is a great way to spend time with your friends and family and is a really great way to save money because this way everyone gives and receives a gift without making everyone purchase a gift for everyone. If you’re planning to throw a Secret Santa party this year, use these tips to have a great, fun, and successful Secret Santa!
My 5 Tips for Hosting a Secret Santa Event 
1. Even Number and Familiar Guests: A good start to the party is to have an even amount of guests, this way no one is left out. Everyone gets a person to buy for as well as receive a gift from. Another point is to be sure that everyone at the party who is going to be participating in the gift exchange has at least met everyone at the party one time. It may be a bit difficult to purchase a gift for a complete stranger.
2. Set a Budget: To be completely fair for everyone, try to set a reasonable budget. Having a budget allows everyone to have a price range that they can go by and this way everyone gets a really fair present. Personally I find that a good price range is between $20-$30. This allows you everyone to get a nice present but it doesn’t need to be something huge and extravagant. After all, this gift exchange is just for fun. It is is really all about spending time with friends and family.
3. Have Everyone Make a Wish List: In order for everyone to receive something that they would enjoy and so everyone is not completely lost when they go to shop for their pick have each guests make a small wish list of just a couple things that they would enjoy within the price range provided. This really helps in the awkwardness of gift giving, especially if your pick is someone that you are not entirely familiar with.
4. Ask Everyone to Include a Gift Receipt: A good idea to include in the invitations for this party is to ask that everyone get a gift receipt for all of the presents that are purchased. This way those that receive the gifts can return them if necessary due to duplicate presents or possibly the wrong size of an item, stuff happens sometimes and it makes things easier to return if necessary.
5. Give Small Party Favors: On top of the Secret Santa gift exchange it is nice to include a little party favor as well for each guest! It can be something as simple as a bag of freshly baked cookies. I personally love to get plain Christmas ornaments and decorate them for each person, it’s an awesome way to give a favor and it is handmade from your heart for each one of your guests.

Well there you go, if you are planning to host a Secret Santa gift exchange this year I hope that these tips help you out for throwing a great party!

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