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To be honest when some of my friends started using Essential oils a few years ago I though they were crazy. When I was younger and didn’t know any better I had complete faith in our healthcare system until the unthinkable happened. 

What happened you might wonder… My mom was admitted to the hospital for unknown reasons my freshman year of high school. For nearly 5 months she stayed in the hospital fighting for her life before they discovered the cause. During this 5 month period she had two specialist that nearly killed her. After spending nearly 10 months in the hospital she was able to come home but the damage was done. From that point on she had to take pills daily and had several more stints in the hospital. She fought her battle with pancreatitis for the next 5 years. In July 2005 while moving to a new college in Kentucky she was once again admitted to the hospital. She finally lost her battle that December 2005 a few weeks before my 21st birthday. She was 51 years old.

While one unthinkable event is enough to shape one’s life my story continues. Ten days after my mother’s death my father ended up in ICY with a disintegrated heart valve, diabetes and a wealth of other issues. We lost him in September 2010 at 59 years old.

While obviously not all of the avocet is the doctor’s fault or modern medicines fault, my parent’s lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest. Even though I don’t blame the doctors or the hospital I do believe our healthcare system in the United States is flawed.

The loss of my parents, my pregnancy of our son, and the face I’ve suffered a range of my own problems including chronic headaches lead me to start searching nature for help.


Where did this searching lead me?

It led me to the door of essential oils. What have those essential oils done for me? Essential oils have changed my life and my family’s life. We utilize them on a daily basis from cleaning to supporting our immune systems.

Can essential oils help you?

Of course they can! They can help you in many ways. One of my favorites is by removing chemical filled products from your home!

Currently right now I utilized one company’s essential oils although I have tried others before. There are numerous reasons I chose the company I’m now with including:

  • their signature process
  • their incredibly strict standards
  • the fact that they own the majority of their own farms
  • they provide pure unadulterated oils

Knowing where I get my oils one of the questions I am asked all the time. Unfortunately because of the very strict regulations I’m not allowed to post it here on The Lavender Hytta. I know you are probably a little disappointed so was I when I found out. However there is a loophole…. I am allowed to share my recommendation with you via email!

In addition you will get my FREE 4 week essential oils e-course delivered straight to your inbox. This e-course will show you:

  • What are essential oils?
  • What to Look For When Buying Essential Oils
  • Why You Should Use Essential Oils
  • Using Essential Oils

Bonus: At the end of the 4 Weeks I will also share with you what Essential Oil Company I recommend!

Need more information?

If you still have questions either before the class or after the class, simply respond to one of the emails or email me at and I will help you in anyway I can.

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